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TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! December 18th. 48 years old and feeling sexier than ever!
Gifts? I adore gifts! Greendot Moneypacks, gift cards from Amazon, Torrid, Hipsandcurves.com, or something off my wish list would make me a very happy girl. Spoil Me, I like it.

Sexy is just who I am. I love to surround myself with people who share that same frame of mind. Spending time at Club Sesso in downtown Portland, attending events and Dungeon parties. Private parties are fun for me as I am an aspiring rigger, a geek of rope, I love to tie people up. So at parties, it’s always exciting to hear someone tell me “I’ve never been tied up before”, and see the hint in their eyes as they secretly convey they want to try it. Who am I to neglect such a desire….

Club Sesso…that is where I got my name, Chaps. I love the name Chaps. The name would make you think of me as hard, strong, tough…it fits, I’ve been a tomboy all my life, and I feel that way on the outside…but when you hear me, see me smile at you, or feel the softness of my skin…well, then you’ll understand. Anyway, it was a huge New Years Eve party at the club. I didn’t want my costume to be like any other at the club, so I made a pair of western chaps to wear….assless chaps…

Later that week, people were chatting online about the party and I was constantly asked “did I meet you” and I would reply “I was wearing a pair of chaps”…their response was “OH WOW, YOU WERE THE GIRL IN THE CHAPS!”…and it stuck.

I’m hoping to post daily, although, as we all know, life can get in the way of what we want. So there will be those times when I miss a day or two, but I’m a technology geek. I can’t live without my cell phone, my computer, my itouch. If I’m without cell or internet service for longer than 12 hours, I become unfocused, irrational, and while you don’t see me physically shake with the signs of withdrawl, you should know that I am inside.

I love to text, to YIM, to chat. E-mails are the best. Of course, getting a letter in the actual mail box is one of the hottest things I can think of. To see the handwriting, hold the parchment in my hands. I hold it up to my nose and inhale the scent of the person who carefully folded and sealed the note within. If I receive a handwritten letter, you can be assured you will receive one back.

I’m writing lots of erotica or what I affectionately refer to as “Bedtime Stories”. Writing customized stories by request is a passion. I’ll post lots of writings here so please be sure to come back and check often. Feel free to throw me an idea Smilie: :)

4 Responses to About Me

  1. We are heading to Club Sesso Sat evening for couples night. My partner and I are from Eugene and this is our first time there. Any suggestions for us newbies?

  2. Sheesh, I hope I got to meet you! How was your visit? I want to know all the juicy details.


  3. hello me a straight man wants to have hands on spanking is your lady into that or is this her site. an i am talking to her. ? i am raymond 45 single man

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